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Microsoft Windows Repair

Is your Windows based machine acting up?
Are you seeing the classic blue screen of death?
Can you hear clicking or other sounds you used to not hear?
Through wear and tare even the best computers will break down.
Fear not! For we are here for when this happens.
Sounds like the problem that you are having?

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Apple Mac Repair

Seem to be having a problem starting up your Apple?
Got the rainbow spin wheel you can't get rid of?
These are some common problems with your Apple computer
We have seen these types of things hundreds of times
Things happen, and when they do you come to us
We will make sure to charge you less than the Apple store
and not force you to buy unneeded warranties or service packages
Let us do the repair in house for you!

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Data Services

Have a hard drive that is making an odd noise?
Have some family photos that you want off your old computer?
Thinking about buying a new computer and want your old files on the new PC?
These are just some of the data services that we offer
Allow us to deal with your data, and have the confidence you are in good hands
All data that we interact with is treated with the utmost privacy
We are here to do a job, and you should feel confident that your data is safe

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Virus / Malware / Ransomware Removal

Everyone gets viruses, but not everyone knows what to do when they get one
You can become infected by anything from an email attachment to a bad google link
While you should be cautious online, having a virus is not the end of the world
Pop ups and paid for services through your computer can be an even further scam
This is where we come into play
We won't let a virus keep you offline for longer then a day or two

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Custom PC Builds

Want a custom PC but not sure where to start?
Come in and have a chat with us or email!
We'd love to talk to you about building your new system

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Computer Recycle Service

Have an old computer just sitting around that no longer works and have no idea what to do with it?
While they may be no good to you anymore, they are certainly no good to go sit in a land fill
Let us take them off your hands and dispose of them the enviormentally friendly way!
You are not only saving the earth, but also cleaning up some junk from your house, its a win win!

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