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Windows Repair Service

Are you having a problem with your Windows based computer?
This is not uncommon with any computer, with time all computers will face problems.
We will work with you to make the best decision possible when it comes to dead or malfunctioning hardware

For simple problems, we should be able to diagnose the problem within the hour that it gets to the shop

Complex Repairs

For more complex problems, we will intake the computer, do the analysis,
then return to you with what we found was wrong with the system.
At this point, we would give you an estimate on what the repairs would cost,
as well as what the repairs we reccommend.

Note: This does not bind you to our service,you have the option to decline the repair.
If this was the decision,
we would return you the machine as quickly as possible with no hard feelings!


Prices for repairs all depends on if we feel that the product itself is worth repairing,
or if it would be more cost effective to replace or upgrade the machine that is in question.
Most Windows system repairs start at 80$, and will be done as quickly as possible

Final prices will be determined at the time we understand what is wrong with your machine.
If you would like to email us and find out a rough estimate for your repair,
do so at : helpme@allstarcomptech.com

Repair Time

Time on repairs may vary.

The repair timeline is dependent on :

The severity of the problem,
Time it takes to diagnose the problem
Waiting on parts to be delievered (if any),
And the actual repair itself.

We will communicate with you the entire time during the repair

Making sure that we are on the same page during the entire process

You can always opt out of us sending you updates about your machine
We offer this as to not leave people in the dark about what is happening with their computer
We understand this, and hope that by communicating we can help bring you some ease of mind

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