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Virus / Malware / Ransomware

Virus Removal

Is your computer running slowly, and you have no idea why?
Did you recently download a new TV show, song, game, or anything from online?
If you do not know who the trusted source is 100% then the person who is hosting the download could also be packaging in extras with that download
Those extras, in this case are viruses.
Not all people have malicous intent, but in the world we live in where data is very accessiable and valuable
Even good people can be swayed to do something bad.
For this reason, we are here to clean those viruses you may have gotten from online
And attempt to set up a new plan to keep your PC clean in the furtue
If you do not currently have an anti-virus program
We sell those at our store!
Or we can always bring one with us when we come out and do a home or office visit.

Malware Removal

Like a virus, you can get those online from downloads or email attachements
Unlike a virus, malware is relentless with your computer
It will infest your computer, to points that common anti-virus softwares will not pick it up
This is why they invented anti-malware programs
Which are really good
But even sometimes those can be infected, and then thats not good
When this happens, if your computer is backed up, then it is easy to procceed
If not, the removal can still be done, but this will just take a little more time

Ransomware Removal

Similar to a virus and malware, Ransomware is a malicous infestation that can be gotten from online downloads
What is different about ransomware is that normally to remove these infestestions, the user is prompted to call a repair center and pay a nominal fee
This is false, you do not need to call these people to "remove" their program from your system
Instead, you can bring this machine to us and we can safely remove the program, while ensuring that all traces of the infestation are removed
Allowing you to continue using your machine as you did before

We will do our best to educate the users on how they might have gotten the infestation
And best practices when downloading things from online in the future
Our aim is to make sure that your machine works the best it can for the longest it can
And by educating users on safe online practices, this ensures lesser ammounts of infestations on computers