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Apple Mac Repair Service

Well its happened, one thing lead to another and now you don't have your Mac currently running
You are upset, and we would be too
We spend so much on these machines, and now here it sits not turning on, running slowly, or flat out just broken
Fear not, let us take a look at it and figure out whats wrong
Once we undestand whats wrong, we can then offer a personalized repair plan

Macbook Repair

These machines can be great when they work, but unfourtanetly yours has stopped functioning
A lot of things can happen, from drops and spills, to overheating and hard drive issues
This is why we are here, things can happen at any time and you shouldn't have to worry about whats going to happen to your computer
From replacing hard drives, to doing mother board repairs, it can all be done right in our shop
Typical Macbook repairs start at $80
but hard drive issues could range up to as high as $400,
and motherboard repair starts at $300

iMac Repairs

Is your iMac having troubles booting?
Did something get spilled on it?
Is the screen cracked or have vertical bars running through it?
This are just a few problems you might encounter
Just because it's a problem, doesn't mean it cannot be fixed
Let us bring back your iMac from the grave and back to working order
A cracked iMac screen would be the price of the screen plus $80
Most other basic repairs will start at $80
Motherboard repair starts at $500

Don't want to fix your dead machine, but want your data?

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